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CWS ERP Training Program


The wide-ranging CWS ERP training program encompasses:

Church World Service Forum on Domestic Disaster Ministry.  This every-other-year event brings together the paid staff and experienced volunteers in disaster ministry throughout the religious community to look at issues and trends that will affect their work into the future.  Speakers and workshop from the religious community, government, private sector, voluntary organizations, and academia present current research and case histories and discuss new concepts and approaches in disaster management to promote thinking and conversation among participants.

Community Arise
, a comprehensive curriculum developed by CWS and its member denominations that covers the basics of disaster management within the context of religious community service, the long-term recovery process, vulnerability in disaster, and disaster case management, volunteer coordination, emotional and spiritual care, special needs of children and youth in disasters, and technology-caused disaster response. 

Recovery Tools and Training, a one-day workshop led by a CWS ERS and leaders from denominations and other groups to help long-term recovery organizations understand the efforts required to work effectively in communities with survivors following disasters. 

Community Specific Training designed cooperatively by community leaders and CWS ERSs to address needs particular to a disaster-affected area. 

Follow-up Mentoring and Continuing Education.  Recognizing that no one workshop or curriculum can cover all aspects of long-term recovery or address every issue, our ERSs are available to communities by phone, e-mail and return visits to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist with other unanticipated needs.

Webinars.  Starting September 1, 2009, CWS will begin training via 90-minute online webinars on the first Tuesday of each month.  In addition to the regular monthly on-line trainings, CWS will also customize webinars to needs of specific audiences.

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